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Bracelets • Brooches

Rings • Earrings • Necklaces
Bracelets • Brooches

Available online in Canada. Made to order. Normal delivery time within three weeks.

The materials I use are primarily gemstones/natural stones (tumbled), gemstone chips, pearl, shell (abalone), amber, argentium silver, silver and copper.

Statement of Craft

The concept of creating beauty is often exaggerated by many and thought to need great effort.
The jewelry I handmake accentuates the beauty that surrounds us in nature and Mother Earth.

I design and handmake my jewelry using techniques such as cuttlebone casting, fold forming, wire wrapping, reticulation, chasing and repoussé, roll printing, wax casting and patina.

Handmade Jewelry

Wearing my jewelry shows an appreciation and deeper understanding of the essence of natural beauty and thus appeals to our own sense of personal beauty, confidence and contemporary fashion.

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